How to Get Preferred Seats on Delta

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Things You'll Need

  • Delta Airline ticket

  • Sky Miles Medallion membership

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Delta Airlines has become one of the largest airlines in the world. The airline is based in Atlanta and offers several incentives for customers, including preferred seating on most flights. Preferred seats are some of the best economy cabin seats on the plane, including window seats, exit row seats,and seats in the front of the cabin, just behind the first class cabin. These seats are limited and are only available to customers who meet certain criteria on each flight.


Step 1

Preferred seating may be available to customers who book their flight using Delta's online service. Sky Miles Medallion members as well as customers paying full price or "Y" level pricing can immediately reserve a preferred seat.

Step 2

Wait until you reach the airport to select your seat. Preferred seats not claimed by Sky Miles Medallion members are released into the general open seat pool and can be assigned prior to departure by a Delta agent or selected at a Delta ticketing kiosk at the airport.

Step 3

Request an exit row seat at the gate. Gate agents take note of who is willing to sit in an exit row in case the customers assigned to it cannot perform an exit row safety procedure or would prefer not to in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Step 4

Call Delta customer service. If you are booking a flight with Delta and would like a preferred seat but they are not available for you to choose online you can call customer service prior to your departure to check if preferred seats are still available and request a seat assignment change.


Step 5

Ask the gate agent if all available preferred seats have been claimed. When you check in at the gate very often seating upgrades are available. If seats are still available the gate agent will be able to change your seating assignment.


Become a Sky Miles member even if you do not plan to gain Medallion status. Preferred seats may be open to Sky Miles members before the general public. Be prepared to pay a nominal fee for seat upgrades at the gate.


Preferred seats are opened to the general public just prior to departure. Customers waiting to purchase their ticket may pay a higher airfare or be put on standby if the flight is oversold.