How to Care for Acrylic Sinks

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Things You'll Need

  • Water

  • Soft towels

  • Soft sponge

  • Dish soap

  • Chlorine bleach

  • Protective racks or mats

  • Acrylic cream polish

Take good care of your acrylic sink for optimum longevity.

Acrylic sinks are durable and stain-resistant, making them a popular choice among homeowners. Despite the durability of acrylic, it is important to properly care for acrylic sinks to increase their lifespan and preserve their appearance. If maintained properly, an acrylic sink will look good and last for many years.


Step 1

Rinse out the sink thoroughly with plain water after each use. Dry the sink with a soft towel to prevent water spots from forming.

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Step 2

Clean acrylic sinks at least once a week. Moisten a soft sponge with warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Wipe down the entire sink with the sponge. Rinse the sink with plain water and dry with a soft towel.


Step 3

Use chlorine bleach to remove tough stains from the sink. Fill the sink with warm water. Add a capful of chlorine bleach to the water. Let the bleach water sit in the sink for about three minutes. Use a soft sponge dipped in the bleach water to scrub away tough stains. Drain the water, rinse the sink out and buff with a dry cloth.


Step 4

Place protective racks or mats in the sink basin. This will protect the sink from scratches from dishes, knives and other items.

Step 5

Use an acrylic cream polish periodically to restore shine to the sink. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for use, as this will vary among products.


Avoid using abrasive cleaners and sponges on acrylic sinks. Such products may cause scratches. Avoid letting wet rags, sponges or cleaning pads sit in the sink. These items may cause discoloration. Do not leave steel-wool pads in the sink. This could cause rust stains. Do not place hot pots or pans in the sink. Wait until they have cooled before placing them in the sink to avoid scorching the acrylic. Do not pour hot grease into the sink.


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