How to Measure for Shower Doors

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Paper

  • Pen

Double sliding shower doors create a large opening for entering and exiting the shower and tub.

There are many styles of shower doors including single, double, sliding and swinging doors. Shower doors can swing inwards, outwards or both directions depending on the type of hinges in the installation process. Measuring the opening for shower doors is a standard procedure for any type of door. Writing down the measurements helps to choose the correct door for the opening. Manufacturers sell shower doors with a minimum and maximum measurement in width to accommodate the shower opening measurements.


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Step 1

Use a measuring tape to measure the bottom width of the shower area that requires a shower door. Measure the complete width from side to side in the middle of the curb on the shower pan. Record the measurement on a piece of paper with a pen.

Step 2

Measure the top width of the shower area where the top of the door will rest. Record this measurement on the paper. Compare the two width numbers. If the vertical or horizontal walls are out of plumb, the two numbers will differ slightly.


Step 3

Measure the shower opening height from the center of the shower curb up to the height of the shower head on the wall. This allows the hardware on the shower door to be invisible from the outside of the shower.


If a shower door is too short, water will splash out of the top and wet the bathroom floor. Consequently, the floor will ruin after several years of moisture.

Measure a bathtub in the middle of the exterior tub wall to obtain the bottom width measurements for shower doors.


Wet floors are a hazard in a bathroom and cause many accidents in the home. Follow mounting instructions and use exact measurements so the shower door is wide and tall enough to block water leaks.