How to Unclog Lint From a Drain

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Things You'll Need

  • 5 gallon bucket

  • Pliers

  • Drain snake

Sink drains can become clogged with lint, dirt and various other debris.

It is not uncommon for sink drains to become clogged. Dirt, mold, hair and even lint can become trapped inside the pipes. Those items block the flow of water and can cause your sink to drain slowly or not at all. When this occurs it is best to deal with the blockage as soon as possible. Removing a lint clog from your drain is a relatively simple process that can be done in about an hour or less.


Step 1

Clean out the area from underneath the sink.

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Step 2

Place a 5-gallon bucket under the curved portion of the pipe that runs from your sink.

Step 3

Loosen the nuts that hold the trap in place using a pair of pliers.

Step 4

Allow any contents that may be in the pipe to drain into the bucket.

Step 5

Insert a drain snake into the straight pipe.

Step 6

Push the snake in until you feel resistance. Reverse the direction of the snake, bringing it back towards you a little. Work the snake in a back and forth motion. Push the snake forward until you meet resistance. Bring it back towards you. Continue this process until there is no resistance.


Step 7

Remove the snake from the drain. Reassemble the trap. Run hot water in the sink the remove any debris that may be left in the pipe.

Step 8

Discard the contents in the bucket.


Some lint blockage can be removed from the sink drain. Remove the stopper from the sink drain. Insert the drain snake into the drain opening. Feed the snake through the pipe. Work it in a back and forth motion until you have hooked the lint. Gently pull the snake and lint out of the pipe. Discard the lint and run hot water through the pipes.


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