Tub Dent Repair

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Things You'll Need

  • Damp cloth

  • Outlet

  • Hair dryer

  • Airduster

You can repair dents in your tub using a hairdryer and an airduster

Regardless of whether it's a brand new whirlpool tub or your children's well-used bathtub/shower combination, a dented tub is an overwhelming problem for most homeowners. It's not just the expense of replacing the bathtub itself, it's the issue of having to pay to have the old one removed and a new one installed. This often involves ripping apart your bathroom, re-plumbing and a host of other issues. In the end, most homeowners decide to live with the dent, no matter how unsightly it may be. If your tub is dented, try this dent removal technique used on cars and stainless steel refrigerators. It will pop out a mild to moderate dent in less than five minutes without damaging your tub's finish.


Step 1

Wipe the dent in your tub off with a clean, damp cloth. Plug your hairdryer into an outlet so that it easily reaches the dent in your tub. Set the airduster down near the tub so that you can reach it easily.

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Step 2

Turn the hairdryer on to it's highest setting, and aim the nozzle directly at the dent in your tub. Heat the dent by moving the hairdryer back and forth over the dent with the nozzle approximately one inch from the dent. After one minute, turn the hairdryer off.


Step 3

As quickly as possible, pick up the airduster, holding it upside down so that the top is facing the floor. Aim the nozzle at the dent in your tub, and spray the entire dent with liquid carbon dioxide for 30 seconds.

Step 4

Wait for two minutes. The temperature difference between the heated tub material and the liquid carbon dioxide will cause the dent to pop out of your tub.

Step 5

Wipe off any remaining liquid carbon dioxide, and rinse the tub well with water before your next use.


Depending on how severe the dent is, you may need to repeat this process several times.


The liquid carbon dioxide produced by using the airduster upside down can burn your skin and eyes. Use rubber gloves and safety goggles to avoid accidental burns.


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