How to Change the Leaf Blower From Vacuum to Blower

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The switch from blowing to sucking up yard debris is relatively easy.
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Leaf blowers double as vacuums to aid in cleaning gutters and picking up small amounts of yard debris. When you are ready to change from vacuum back to blower, remove the vacuum mechanisms and install the blower tube. Most manufacturers make this a straightforward process without having to change any control buttons. Empty any debris in the vacuum bag before putting the bag up for safekeeping.


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Step 1

Press in on the tabs of the vacuum bag elbow where the elbow connects to the bottom of the blower. Pull the elbow down to remove the bag assembly.

Step 2

Turn the vacuum tube counterclockwise with your hands until the tube unlocks from the front of the blower. Pull the tube away from the blower.

Step 3

Lower the vacuum door over the vacuum hole. The vacuum door is the round door that operates on a hinge above the vacuum tube that the tube connects to. Turn the door lock clockwise with a flat-head screwdriver to secure the door.


Step 4

Insert the blower tube over the lower blower outlet and push the tube down until the tabs lock into place. The lower blower outlet is where the vacuum bag attaches when operating as a vacuum.