How to Remove the Clutch From a Husqvarna Chain Saw

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Things You'll Need

  • Leather working gloves

  • Wrench

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • String or pull chord

  • Clutch socket wrench

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Husqvarna chainsaw clutches come in three parts: the clutch center, the clutch spring and the clutch drum. If any of the three aren't functioning properly, your saw will not perform well. Poor chain movement across the bar, thrown chains and slow chain acceleration can result. You will need to remove the whole clutch system from your chainsaw and replace it with a new one if any of the parts are worn out. Fortunately, removing the clutch from a Husqvarna chainsaw isn't difficult.


Step 1

Turn off the saw and release the chain brake. The chain brake is the plastic handle located on the topside of the saw's body, and is between the bar and the throttle. With a gloved hand, spin the chain to ensure the brake is off.

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Step 2

Use the wrench to loosen the bar nuts until they are finger tight. Use the flathead screwdriver to loosen the bar tensioner screw. This screw is located in between the bar cover's two metal posts, and can be reached through the small, round hole in the cover's center.

Step 3

Finish loosening the bar nuts and remove the bar cover. Take off the bar and chain; set them aside in a safe place.

Step 4

Unplug the spark plug from the rubber spark plug connector, located on the top of the saw's body. Push some of the chainsaw's starter chord string into the spark plug cylinder to block the piston from moving while taking apart the clutch.


Step 5

Remove the clutch assembly with the clutch socket wrench. Husqvarna chainsaw clutches are left-locking nuts, so you will need to turn the bolt clockwise to loosen it. Tap on the socket's handle with a hammer if the bolt won't loosen.

Step 6

Remove the bolt and pull off the clutch cover, clutch spring and clutch drum. Replace these parts if they are chipped, warped or heavily worn.

Step 7

Follow these steps in reverse order to reassemble the clutch.


When you reassemble the clutch, turn the clutch’s bolt until it is finger tight. The bolt will tighten further when the saw starts running again.

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning and replacing parts to ensure proper chainsaw function.


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