How to Get Rid of Red Squirrels in Your Home

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Things You'll Need

  • Live squirrel trap

  • Squirrel-proof bird feeder

  • Tree trimmer

  • Squirrel repellent

  • Extra shingles and wood for roof repair (if needed)

Those cute bushy tails and big brown eyes can be deceiving. Red squirrels, despite their innocent appearance, can be a royal pest. From snatching all the birdseed out of your bird feeders to making nests in your attics and walls to digging up your flower beds, these little terrors seem to be everywhere. There are many ways to decrease the red squirrel population in your yard without killing them.


Step 1

One of the biggest complaints that people have about squirrels is their destruction of bird feeders and bird seed theft. One of the ways you can remedy this problem is to purchase a squirrel-proof bird feeder. There are feeders that will shock the red squirrels when they try to jump on the feeder and some that will eject the red squirrel into the air or have red squirrel-proof openings. These will not seriously harm the squirrel. Whatever feeder you decide to go with, don't skimp on the price as purchasing a quality squirrel-proof feeder that actually works is worth a little extra money.


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Step 2

Clean up your yard. If you want to prevent red squirrels from getting into your house, do some yard cleanup. Trim the trees back from your roof so the squirrels can't jump from the tree to the roof and into your attic. Also make sure any cracks or holes in the walls or roof are sealed. You may need extra shingles and wood to do this. If you are unsure how to repair roof or wall cracks, consult a professional.

Step 3

Set a live trap. There is nothing more annoying than having red squirrels taking up residence with you in your home. One way to get rid of a red squirrel infestation in your home to is to set a live trap. Once you have trapped the squirrel, relocate him to a location far, far away. Repair any holes the squirrel made in your roof or walls.


Step 4

If you have problems with squirrels getting into your garden and digging up your plants, try a squirrel repellent. It's important to avoid poisons, as dead squirrels can die in or near your house and create quite a stench and possibly attract more animals. Additionally, poisons can also be dangerous to other animals or pets if they get into it.