How Do You Make a Fly Trap Without Using Vinegar?

Things You'll Need

  • Small bowl

  • Sugar

  • Liquid dish soap

  • 2-liter bottle

  • Scissors

  • Masking or duct tape

  • Thread

  • Ripe fruit or raw meat

Keep flies away by making your own fly trap.

Fly traps keep the pesky insects away. Flies often become bothersome, and can ruin your evening. Instead of using vinegar that can leave behind a strong odor, you can use other ingredients in your household. If you want to keep the flies away without buying unsightly fly traps, then you can make your own solution and place it in a discreet location in the area where the flies are prominent.

Homemade Sugar and Soap Solution

Step 1

Fill a small bowl with an equal ratio of sugar and liquid dish soap.

Step 2

Mix the sugar and soap together.

Step 3

Place the bowl in a location away from sight. The sweet sugar will attract them, while the soap will grease their wings, which makes it impossible for them to fly away.

2-Liter Trap

Step 1

Remove the lid from a 2-liter bottle. Cut off the top third of the bottle with sharp scissors.

Step 2

Flip the cut-off top of the bottle upside down into the bottom half. The top half will now face downward into the bottom section with the mouth of the bottle pointing down, making it look like a funnel. Line the cut edges of the two halves. Tape them together with masking or duct tape.

Step 3

Poke a hole into the top side of the bottle. Make the hole 1 inch below the top of the bottle, and make sure that you poke through both plastic layers with sharp scissors. Make another hole directly across from this hole.

Step 4

Place a piece of thread through the holes. The thread will go across the opening. Tie the two ends of the string together to hang the homemade fly trap.

Step 5

Place a small piece of ripe fruit or raw meat into the bottom of the trap. Hang the trap in a tree near the location where they seem most bothersome. They will become attracted to this area and will not dominate yours. You will need to clean out the trap and add more bait every week.