How to Protect the Wood Floor on a Utility Trailer

Things You'll Need

  • 10-grit sanding sponge

  • 280-grit sanding sponge

  • Wood stain

  • Wooden stirring board

  • 2 brushes

  • Sanding sealer

  • Wood varnish

  • Foam brush

  • Painter's rag

Seal the wooden floor on a utility trailer to protect it.

A utility trailer is a small flatbed with wheels that is used for hauling light loads. It features an open-top cargo area typically lined with wooden floorboards, and is pulled by a motorized vehicle. The wooden surface is often susceptible to becoming marred or tarnished over time depending on the contents of a load. The bare floorboards can also fade and crack from excessive exposure to sunlight. Other than lining the bed with tarps and sheeting, the best method of protecting the wood is to seal it.

Step 1

Sand the wooden floorboards with a 10-grit sanding sponge until they are uniformly dull. This prepares them for staining and eliminates dirt, blemishes and other surface imperfections from the wood.

Step 2

Stir a can of wood stain with a wooden stirring stick until all of the contents at the bottom have been thoroughly mixed. Use a natural-bristle brush to apply on an even coat to the floorboards along the grain of the wood, then use a rag to quickly wipe away the excess product before it dries.

Step 3

Avoid a second application of stain unless a particular area of the wood appears too light. Otherwise, overlapping layers of the stain result in an obvious difference in color.

Step 4

Saturate the wood floor with a sanding sealer once the stain has dried. Use a new brush to apply it, using the same method as with the stain. Once the coat is dry to the touch, smooth it dull with a 280-grit sanding sponge.

Step 5

Apply polyurethane wood varnish to seal and protect the floorboards from cracking, warping and drying. Evenly varnish the wood with a painter's rag or foam applicator brush. Allow it to cure overnight, then sand the coat with the 280-grit sponge.

Step 6

Repeat the same procedure for at least one to two more coats of varnish for the most effective seal. Do not sand the top coat.