How to Remove Clear Coat Peeling Paint

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Things You'll Need

  • Cloth

  • Clear coat repair liquid or spray

  • Variety of grit sandpaper

Clear coat is found on hardwood flooring and cars.

Clear coat is the clear layer of polyurethane that is applied over stains and paint to give a glossy finish to hardwood flooring and cars. Since 1990, it has been standard for all vehicles to come clear coated. All hardwood flooring is clear coated to protect the flooring and stain from early destruction and daily wear. Sometimes, through years of use or exposure to the elements in general (for cars), the clear coat can peel and give your hardwood floors or cars an uneven look. There is more than one way to remove clear coat paint on hardwood floors and cars.


Step 1

Wrap the cloth around your first two finger tips. Try to rub off all of the peeling clear coat. If that does not work, peel the clear coat up with your fingernails and then rub the remains off with the cloth to get a smooth surface.

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Step 2

Spray or pour some clear coat repair liquid onto the cloth. Gently buff the peeling clear coat until all of the loose clear coat has come off, leaving you with a smooth surface.


Step 3

Wet sand the peeling clear coat for large jobs. Begin with the broadest grit and move to the finest grit sandpaper until a smooth surface is achieved. Wet sand by soaking the sandpaper in water for about 10 minutes before using it on the clear coat. This will keep the surface smooth and cool.


Step 4

Rinse the area, let it dry and apply another coat of polyurethane (clear coat) to refinish the surface if you've had to sand down the area.



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