How to Change Roman Tub Fixtures

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Things You'll Need

  • Replacement cartridges

  • Replacement diverter

  • Wrench

  • Allen wrench

Change the look of your bathroom with new tub fixtures.

Roman tub fixtures do not attach to their own base. Each fixture is separate from the other, giving your tub a clean, crisp look. It is not difficult to update the look of your bathroom by changing Roman tub fixtures. Fixtures are available at home improvement centers. It is a good time to change cartridges inside the faucet when changing the fixtures. This will prevent having to perform maintenance a few months later.


Step 1

Turn off the water supply shutoff valves to the Roman tub faucets. Many tubs that use Roman tub faucets will have an access to the shutoff valves under the tub skirt. Other setups may have the access in an adjacent room.

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Step 2

Open the hot and cold water handles to allow any water remaining in the line to drain. Turn off each faucet handle and locate the set screws that secure the handles and the spout to the trim ring. The set screws will be on the lower back side of each fixture.


Step 3

Remove the set screws with an Allen wrench. Pull each handle straight up off the faucet cartridges. Each handle rides on a trim ring on top of the bathtub deck. Pull the trim ring away from the cartridge assemblies.

Step 4

Loosen the nut that secures the cartridges to the faucet handle plumbing with a wrench. Remove the securing nut and pull the cartridges out of the faucet handle plumbing. Insert new cartridges in the plumbing and secure the cartridges with the retaining nut.


Step 5

Place the new gasket under the new trim ring of your new faucet handles. Place the trim ring around the faucet handle plumbing and set your faucet handles over the cartridges. Push down on the faucet handles until they seat over the cartridges and trim ring. Secure the handles with the set screw.


Step 6

Remove the set screw that secures the old faucet spout assembly to the tub with an Allen wrench. Lift the spout away from the tub deck. Pull the trim ring away from the tub deck. Loosen and remove the nut securing the spout diverter to the tub with a wrench and pull the diverter out of the spout plumbing.


Step 7

Insert a new diverter and secure the diverter with the retaining nut. Place the new gasket and spout trim ring around the diverter. Set the new spout over the diverter and push down until the spout seats evenly around the diverter and the trim. Secure the spout with the retaining screw.

Step 8

Turn on the water supply to your tub.


If part of the trim ring gasket remains on the tub surface, scrape the remaining gasket away with a plastic putty knife. This will remove the gasket without harming the tub finish.


All handles and spouts must fit securely or you will end up with leaks.



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