How to Remove Mold From Suede

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Suede isn't waterproof, so it's tricky to remove mold or other stains. But if the mold hasn't deeply penetrated the fabric yet, it's possible to safely and easily remove surface stains from clothing, bags or shoes with a brush and white vinegar.

Things You'll Need

  • Suede brush

  • Plain white vinegar

  • Nylon bristle brush or soft cloth

Step 1: Prep Your Garment

Place a towel or cloth on the other side of the fabric of the garment to be treated to provide support for the garment and resistance for the brush. Stuff shoes or bags with newspaper.


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Step 2: Brush Up

Use a suede brush, which incorporates stiff brass bristles surrounded by softer bristles to help loosen and remove surface stains. Brush the shoes or garment in one direction for several strokes, and then brush in the opposite direction, varying the pressure.

Step 3: Add Vinegar

Treat stubborn stains and musty smells with vinegar. Plain white vinegar can be safely used on suede, and its acid is effective in killing mold and eradicating unwanted odors. Spot treat areas by dabbing a nylon bristle brush or soft cloth in white vinegar and rubbing gently over the affected areas. Let dry and brush with a suede brush.

Step 4: Practice Prevention

Prevent mold from growing on your suede garments by making sure they are clean and dry before storage. If your garment gets wet, hang it on a plastic hanger, buttoning up all the buttons and gently pulling it into shape. Stuff shoes or bags with newspaper. Allow the items to dry naturally, away from direct heat or sunlight that could damage natural skins.


Your garment or shoes may stiffen up or shrink slightly after being wet. Wearing the item will cause the skin to loosen up and relax into its original shape.


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