How to Remove a Broken Vinyl Window Shutter & Fastener

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Things You'll Need

  • Helper

  • Pry bar

  • Step ladder

  • Hacksaw

  • Tin snips

  • Vise grips

  • Hammer

Vinyl shutters are great window additions on any home. They add curb appeal and enhance the beauty of your home's exterior. Accidents and storms can cause damage to your shutters. You can replace your shutter as soon as you remove the broken one. Shutters mount to the wall with six mounting screws that are usually plastic or soft metal. These mounting screws do not have heads for a screwdriver or socket wrench. To remove vinyl window shutters you will need to cut the fasteners behind the shutters.


Step 1

Insert a pry bar between the shutter and the wall at the bottom of the shutter. Pry the bottom out enough that you can see the bottom fasteners.

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Step 2

Place a step ladder by the shutter so that you can reach the middle and top fasteners. Ask a helper to hold the pry bar while you cut the bottom fasteners with a hack saw or a pair of tin snips.


Step 3

Move to the middle of the shutter and have your helper pull the bottom of the shutter away from the wall enough for you to access the middle fasteners. Cut the middle fasteners with the hacksaw.

Step 4

Go to the top of the shutter and ask your helper to pull the shutter away from the wall until you can see the top fasteners. Hold the top of the shutter while cutting the two fasteners so that the shutter does not fall. Have your helper move the shutter away from the house.


Step 5

Clamp the jaws of a pair of vice grips around the end of each cut fastener. Rock the vise grips back and forth and side to side to work the fastener out of the brick. If you cannot pull the fastener completely out, hammer the fastener into the brick until the fastener is flush.



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