How to Make a Body Scrubber Out of Net

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Things You'll Need

  • Nylon netting

  • Scissors

  • Bodkin

  • Waxed dental floss or waterproof upholstery thread

  • Waxed cotton cord (optional)

Net body scrubbers are very inexpensive, but no matter the cost, you can save money and have a bit of fun making your own. Once made, the little poufs are also versatile--you can use them as bath sponges, but also as dish scrubbers, and tiny ones look cute as hair ornaments or other decorations. It's not hard to make net scrubbers. You can put one a basket with kitchen supplies or special bath products, as a housewarming or new mother gift. Making net scrubbers is also a good group project for kids big enough to be trusted with crochet needles and scissors.


Step 1

Lay your netting out on a flat surface. Use the scissors to cut three strips of netting that are six inches wide, and the full width of the netting. Most netting comes in 72-inch widths, so you will have three strips of netting that are six inches wide and 72 inches long.

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Step 2

Stack the three strips on top of each other, lining up the edges.

Step 3

Thread a bodkin with waxed dental floss or waterproof upholstery thread. Sew the three strips together with a loose basting stitch that runs lengthwise along the center of the strips. Slide the needle off of the thread.

Step 4

Hold one end of the thread in your hand and use the other to slide the netting along the basting stitch until it is all gathered tightly.


Step 5

Wrap the ends of the thread around the center of the wad of netting and secure it with a pair of square knots. Gently pull all of the layers apart with your fingers to make a pouf.


Tie a 12-inch length of waxed cotton cord around the center of the pouf, and knot the ends together with an overhand knot, so that you can hang it up to dry if you will be using it in the bath.

Cut smaller, more narrow strips of netting to make little, decorative poufs for hair clips and bouquets.

A bodkin is a large-eyed, blunt-nosed needle.


Do not use tulle netting, as it will tear too easily when used for scrubbing.


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