How to Repair a Kinked Drain Snake

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Things You'll Need

  • Drain auger

  • Towel

Kinked drain snakes come at the most inopportune time: when you are already dealing with a clogged drain. The drain snake itself, officially called a drain auger, is essentially just a threaded "gripper" attached to a long, bendable cable that you "snake" down a drain to remove a blockage. Due to its pliability, the cable will sometimes become kinked. However, the problem is easily remedied and you can quickly return to ridding the drain of its blockage.


Step 1

Put hot water into the sink, filling the pipe up to the drain opening, which will aid in breaking through the blockage. Slide the snake down the drain, twisting it clockwise as you go down the pipe. When you hit the obstruction, give the handle a sharp twist and pull to loosen the clog.

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Step 2

Clogs below the trap require you to bend the cable, which may kink it. If kinking occurs, back the snake out slowly until you feel it "jump" in your hands. This will signify that the kink has released; continue to Step 5. If it doesn't seem to move, go on to the next step.

Step 3

Remove the snake completely from the drain. As you pull it out, have a towel ready to clean any debris from the cable immediately. Place snake on the floor in a straight line.

Step 4

Take the snake in two hands, one on each end. Give the snake one strong tug to release any remaining kinks.


Step 5

Again, slide the snake down the drain, twisting it clockwise as you go down the pipe. Push the snake cable through the blockage. Pull the snake, along with the blockage, up through the pipe and out the drain hole.

Step 6

Clean the snake with a rag as you lift it out. Discard the clog and test the drain.


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