How to Connect the Wet Set Pool Pump

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Things You'll Need

  • Wet set pool pump

  • Flathead screwdriver

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After you set up your above ground pool for the summer and fill it with fresh water, the water looks crisp and clean. The clean water invites you in for a swim. If the water becomes dirty and foggy, guests may become hesitant to jump in. You should connect a filter pump and use it regularly to keep the water clean and clear.


Step 1

Open the lid on the top of the pump and insert a filter. If you are buying a new pump, it should come with one filter cartridge. Take note that each model of the Wet Set Pool Pump will require a different type of filter cartridge, which will need to be replaced about once every two weeks. You will probably be able to buy filter cartridges at any store that sells pool supplies—just be sure to buy the right type for your pump. Once the filter cartridge is in the pump, screw the cap back on. Note that there is a little knob at the top of the cap. This is the air release valve and you should leave it unfastened for now.

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Step 2

Locate the two black protruding hose connections that should be close together on one side of the pool. When hoses are not attached, there should be two plugs, usually on the interior of the pool, that prevent the water from leaking out. Ideally, you should have these plugs facing the nearest power source, but if you've already filled your pool with water don't worry about it; you'll probably just need to use an extension cord and have a little extra cord running around the side of your pool.


Step 3

Attach the two hoses to the pump. There should be a metal clamp on either end of the hose that you can adjust with a flathead screwdriver. Unfasten these and slide the hoses over the pump connections. Tighten the screws until the hoses are firmly secured. Attach the other ends of the hose to the protruding hose connections on the pool. It is very important that you attach the bottom hose of the pump to the top hose connection of the pool, and the pump's top hose to the bottom connection of the pool. If you do it the other way around, your pump won't work as well and you might overheat the engine.


Step 4

Remove the two plugs from the holes and let the water flow into the pump. Once water starts coming out of the top of the pump, tighten the air release valve (the little white knob on the top) until the water stops coming out.

Step 5

Plug your Wet Set Filter Pump into a power source and it should turn on.


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