How to Remove Ice From Composite Decking

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic Shovel Without a Metal Edge

  • Rock Salt or Calcium Chloride

  • Bucket of Hot Water

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If you have a composite deck and live in an area where snow and ice are frequent occurrences, than you've probably wondered how to best remove snow and ice safely from it's surface without harm to the decking. Although all composite decking is typically manufactured in a similar way, you should consult your decking's literature for any product specific guidelines before proceeding with cleanup.


Step 1

Remove all loose snow that may have accumulated on the ice with your shovel, and locate the ice edge.

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Step 2

Press against the ice edge with your shovel slowly and in an upward motion. Do not chip at the ice with the shovel as this could gouge the deck surface. This is a long and arduous process.


Step 3

Pour a bucket of hot water over the stubborn area If you are unable to clear all the ice in step two. This should melt the thicker sheets of ice enough to allow you to continue to clear with the shovel.

Step 4

Spread rock salt or calcium chloride over the iced areas and wait for them to melt if time is not an issue. Most composite decking materials have no restriction against using these products; however, check with the manufacturer of your specific product to ensure this will not adversely effect or stain the surface.


Step 5

Spread a layer of rock salt, calcium chloride or cat litter on the deck after all ice has been removed to prevent further build up. All three options are easily cleaned off with a hose after the cold snap has passed.


Do not chip at ice with the corner of a shovel or any other sharp device. This can gouge your decking.



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