How to Paint Inside Glass Bottles

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Things You'll Need

  • Soap and water

  • Acrylic paint

  • Funnel

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Paint the insides of glass bottles to turn them into decorative centerpieces or colorful gifts. You won't be able to drink out of them, of course, but you can admire them as aesthetic objects. Though painting the inside of a bottle presents certain challenges, it can actually be easier for those who are less confident in their artistic skills. Leave some of the process to chance and enjoy this easy craft project.


Step 1

Wash the glass bottles you want to paint thoroughly with soap and water to remove any grit or liquid from the inside. Let the bottles dry completely.

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Step 2

Purchase acrylic paint such as Liquitex Glossies (about $3.50 per 2-oz. jar) or Golden Fluid Acrylics (about $12 per 4-oz. jar). Choose a variety of colors that work well together.

Step 3

Pour one color of paint directly into the bottle and let it run down the bottle's side. For more control, pour acrylic paint through a plastic funnel.

Step 4

Create a marbled look by pouring additional, contrasting colors into the bottle, and then rotating the bottle until you like the way the colors look together.

Step 5

Leave the bottle upright to dry. It might take up to four or five days to dry completely.


Permanently seal the paint inside the bottle by hot-gluing a cork to the bottle's mouth. This will also prevent small children from accidentally opening the bottle or drinking from it.


Do not put glass bottles painted with this method in the dishwasher. Don't work with any glass bottles that have jagged edges and could cut you.


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