How to Prevent Portable Generator Theft

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A portable generator is an excellent backup source of energy in case you lose power. Portable generators are also used to power electrical devices on vacations to rural areas. On-site construction professionals use high-powered portable generators in projects where they have little access to electricity. However, because most portable generators are easy to transport, they are an easy target for thieves.


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A few simple precautions can prevent your portable generator from being stolen.


Step 1

Store your portable generator in a locked storage shed or garage when not in use. Don't leave your portable generator out in the open before or after using it. Cover the portable generator with a sheet or tarp to make it unrecognizable to burglars. Never leave a portable generator outside in the open when not in use.


Step 2

Place your portable generator out of sight when in use. Burglars are more likely to take an opportunity if they know that you own something that they are looking for. Even if the burglar doesn't steal the portable generator when in use, they will be alerted that you own a portable generator.

Step 3

Be cautious when telling others about your portable generator. Untrustworthy individuals will keep a mental note of what you own, and how it can benefit them. Even your friends or neighbors may tell others about your portable generator, not knowing that the person is a thief.


Step 4

Build a security fence around the property. Construct a large and sturdy enough fence to deter burglars from entering the property.

Step 5

Install and monitor a home or on-site security surveillance system. Surveillance systems can be particularly useful at construction sites. Install proper lighting for night surveillance. Monitor and test the surveillance system on a regular basis to ensure it's in working condition.

Step 6

Chain your portable generator to a larger, permanent structure. Use a padlock and keep the combination or key with you or in a safe place off-site at all times. Never chain a portable generator in plain site, or rely on chaining the generator as your primary prevention method. A resourceful thief may have cutting instruments to break the chain.