How to Disassemble a Weber Grill

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Things You'll Need

  • Work gloves with rubber-coated grips

  • WD-40 lubricating oil spray

  • Large plastic zip ties

  • Old, large bath towel or section of carpet padding

  • Box or plastic tote large enough to store the grill and parts

Moving, selling or storing Weber kettle grills often requires disassembling these staples of backyard barbecue. Following the proper steps and taking care not to scratch the porcelain coating inside and outside of the kettle's grilling chamber are keys to this task. Keep the listed tools on hand prior to disassembling and keep all parts together after breaking down the grill to ensure nothing is lost or misplaced.


Taking Apart the Weber

Step 1

Remove the grill lid, cooking grate and charcoal grate and set the pieces aside, outside of the work area.

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Step 2

Remove any leftover charcoal and wipe out the inside of the kettle with a warm, damp rag to remove any residual ash particles.

Step 3

Lay the bath towel or carpet padding on the ground and tip the grill upside down with legs pointing up. Lay the grill's top rim flat on the towel or padding to avoid scratching any of the protective, heat-insulating porcelain enamel coating.

Step 4

Remove the lower grate brace securing the bottom portion of the three grill legs by pushing out the single-hooked pin on one of the legs.


Step 5

Remove any ash catcher pots, if disassembling a One-Touch Gold model Weber, by holding the ash catcher handle firmly and turning the pot until it comes free from the housing.

Step 6

Put on the work gloves with rubber grips and squeeze one grill leg firmly, twisting and pulling upward in one motion until the leg comes free from the housing. These tend to fit quite tightly. If the leg won't budge, spray WD-40 lubrication oil around the area where the leg connects to the kettle bottom. Repeat this step for the other two legs.


Step 7

Place all three grill legs together and bind them with two or three large zip ties for storage or transport.

Step 8

Place the grill kettle right side up and put the charcoal grate and cooking grate back on the housing brackets inside the grill chamber.

Step 9

Place the lid back on the grill, and lay the kettle and all grill parts inside a large box or plastic tote for storage and/or transport.


Be patient with tight-fitting grill legs. Alternating twisting and lubricating eventually will get the job done.


Never use a hammer or other blunt object to jar loose grill legs or other parts as striking the grill can cause cracking in the protective porcelain coating, eventually leading to rust and shorter grill life.


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