How to Repair a Broken Tapered Candle

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Things You'll Need

  • Wax

  • Double boiler

  • Paintbrush

  • Old newspaper or wax paper or baking parchment

  • Candle holder

  • Small, sharp knife

  • Soft cloth

  • Heat gun or hair dryer

  • Wax pouring pot (optional)

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Candles are surprisingly delicate objects. Wax is relatively soft and many candle makers add hardeners such as vybar to their paraffin waxes to overdip an almost finished candle. Candles chip, crack and break. The narrower the candle, the more likely an impact will cause it to break in two, still held together by the wick. It is possible to repair a broken taper candle; however, it will never look as perfect as it did before the break.


Step 1

Melt a small amount of candle wax in a double boiler. If you have a broken beeswax taper, melt beeswax. If you have a broken paraffin candle, melt paraffin wax. Adding color and scent to match your candle is not necessary.

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Step 2

Lay the broken taper candle on some old newspaper, wax paper, or baking parchment paper.


Step 3

Dip your paintbrush into the hot wax and paint some wax inside the crack. Work quickly; the wax will cool as soon as it touches air. Keep painting wax into the crack and holding the two candle pieces together until satisfied that the candle is sturdy. The exterior of the candle may become messy; don't worry about that now. Let the candle cool.


Step 4

Determine that the cooled candle is sturdy enough to stand in a candle holder without falling apart. Place it gently in the candle holder; if it breaks during the process, repeat Steps 1 through 3.

Step 5

Remove the candle from the holder. Using a small, sharp knife gently scrap away any wax bumps on the candle. Buff it gently with a soft, clean cloth.


Step 6

Further smooth the finish of the candle, by blasting it with a heat gun for just a second or two. Overdoing it with the heat gun will mar the finish of the candle more than it will fix it.

If you don't have a heat gun, try using a hand-held hair dryer.


Step 7

Overdip the candle to refinish it. This step is optional.

Melt candle wax in a pot or can in double boiler fashion. The can must be at least as tall as the candle. Heat the wax to 180 degrees F. Monitor the temperature with a candy thermometer.


Warm the candle quickly with your heat gun; dip it in the hot wax for three seconds. If the taper candle is one half of a pair, heat and dip the other so that they match. Allow the candle to cool.


Always melt wax in a double boiler. Keep candle making equipment and kitchen equipment separate.


Never leave a burning candle unattended.



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