How to Arrange Flowers in Outdoor Pots

Outdoor pots add a colorful element to patios, decks and pathways. They allow you to grow flowers in areas that otherwise have no usable garden beds. Both annual and perennial flowers can be grown in pots, which gives you a wide range of choices when choosing the flowers for your containers. Arranging the flowers for maximum visual impact as well as ensuring the health of the plants ensures your potted flowers remain healthy throughout the growing season.

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Things You'll Need

  • Pots

  • Potting soil

  • Transplants

Step 1

Check the plant tags when choosing plants for a single container. Verify that the flowers have similar water, light and fertilizer requirements. Plants that share a container are exposed to the same care so it must be similar for all to thrive.

Step 2

Set the container in its display area. Decide which side it will likely be viewed from and use that as the front of the container when deciding the planting arrangement. Some plants are best viewed from a single side while others are suitable from all angles.

Step 3

Plant the tallest plant with the most striking foliage or season-long blooming ability in the center of the pot. Use this plant as the centerpiece that all the other plants in the pot accentuate.

Step 4

Plant medium-height flowers with lush foliage and ample blooms around the centerpiece plant. Choose flowers that are bushy as opposed to single stemmed plants, as these fill in the pot and form a lush backdrop to the centerpiece plant.

Step 5

Use smaller, trailing plants around the edges of the container. Choose either flowers or those with trailing greenery. These soften the edge between the pot and the flower arrangement and help to visually pull the entire pot of flowers together.


When planting annuals around a perennial centerpiece, place the annuals in small pots and set them into the large container so you can easily change them out each season or year.

Instead of a centerpiece plant, use a garden decoration such as a small statue or fountain as the centerpiece.


Some plants may become leggy and overgrown looking. Pinch off dead blooms and pinch back the growing tips on the stems to control the appearance and size of the plants.

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