How to Remove Soap Scum From Auto Glass

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Things You'll Need

  • Baking soda

  • Water

  • Bowl

  • Spoon

  • Sponges

  • Glass cleaner

  • Paper towels

Soap sum can build up on car windows and windshields fter frequent washings. Soap scum has a filmy, white look to it. Remove soap scum with baking soda. The baking soda won't scratch the glass and is non-toxic to animals and people.

Step 1

Pour a cup of baking soda in the bowl. Add 1/4 cup of water and mix together to make a paste. If the mixture is too thick, add another 1/4 cup of water.


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Step 2

Dip the sponge in the paste, then scrub the window with it, cleaning one area before moving on to another.

Step 3

Thoroughly rinse out the sponge, then use it to rinse off the paste on the inside of the window. Rinse the outside glass with a hose or bucket of water.

Step 4

As needed, spray glass cleaner on the window and wipe it off with paper towels to get rid of streaks.

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