How to Remove Dried Stucco From Concrete Walkway Stone

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Things You'll Need

  • Concrete chisel

  • Mason's hammer

  • Plastic scrub brush

  • Eye protection (goggles)

Stucco is a cementitious material and is among the most popular siding option for homes today. This is a material that, once dried, is as hard, durable and long lasting as other cement-based materials used in construction. The most cost-effective way to apply stucco to a home is often the spray method in which the stucco material is sprayed through a hose to the wall surface. It is a messy method that can often result with stucco spatter bonding to any surfaces below. While stucco will form a strong bond to a concrete or stone walkway, its removal is simple and effective.


Step 1

Put on eye protection before starting any work.

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Step 2

Hold the concrete chisel centered on top of the stucco spot. Chiseling from the top of the stucco will prevent damaging the concrete or stone beneath.


Step 3

Tap the chisel head with the mason's hammer until the stucco chunk breaks apart. You may have to move the chisel to different areas of the stucco spot to remove it completely .

Step 4

Scrub the stucco residue from the concrete or stone surface using the plastic scrub brush; it may help to add water when scrubbing.


Do not use acid or wire brushes to remove stucco from stone because both can permanently damage the stone surface.


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