How to Use a Titan Peeler

The Titan Peeler can also remove the pineapples skin and spines.
Image Credit: AlexPro9500/iStock/Getty Images

The Titan Peeler, sold through television infomercials, peels fruits and vegetables. The Titan Peeler uses microblade technology, where the blade has tiny serrations designed to make peeling produce easier. This means the peeler can work on tough butternut squash skin. When you attach the board, the Titan Peeler turns into a mandolin to slice vegetables thinly. The Titan Peeler is extremely sharp, so pay close attention when you're using it.

Basic Titan Peeler Function

Step 1

Wash your produce and pat it dry. Set the produce on a standard cutting board.

Step 2

Hold the Titan Peeler firmly with one hand, and hold the end of the fruit or vegetable with the other hand.

Step 3

Push or pull the Titan Peeler over the produce, away from your hand. Do this slowly because the peeler is sharp.

Step 4

Turn the produce over. Begin peeling the other side. Repeat the process, until the produce is completely peeled.

Step 5

Use the garnish feature on the side to cut any bad spots from your produce.

Mandolin Titan Slicer Function

Step 1

Insert the board through the middle part of the peeler, with the arrow facing the direction of the handle.

Step 2

Pull the peeler up until the blade is situated in the board notch.

Step 3

Pull the produce over the blade, using the board as a guide.


You can wash the peeler in your dishwasher or you can hand wash it. Use a soft sponge and take care not to cut yourself when washing it by hand.