How to Identify Your Weber Grill

Weber manufactures a line of gas and charcoal grills in a variety of styles and features. The company is perhaps most famous for its dome-shaped charcoal kettle grills in a black, baked-enamel finish. Someday it might be necessary to identify a Weber grill by model number or style in order to purchase replacement parts or accessories. If the owner's manual is lost, this information can be found on every Weber grill. Once the model number is located, replacement owner's manuals are available for free download from the Weber website, linked in the reference section.

Step 1

Check the grill to see it if is gas powered or burns charcoal. A gas grill will have a series of knobs and controls across the front panel, with valves underneath for connecting a propane regulator to a gas tank. Weber charcoal grills are manufactured in a distinctive kettle shape with a wooden handle on top of the dome. The charcoal grill is mounted on tripod legs, two of which have wheels.

Step 2

Identify the type of Weber gas grill by checking the model plate bolted to the front control panel on the lower left-hand corner.

Step 3

Identify the model of a Weber charcoal grill by checking the plate on the dome lid of the kettle. The plate is near the top handle on the forward or front end of the dome.

Step 4

Determine the age of the grill by checking the code stamped into the stainless steel vents. A list of the codes and their corresponding years is linked in the resources section.


Weber has stamped all grills with a manufacturing date code since 1979 . The "A" on a vent denotes the grill was made in 1979, "B" in 1980 and so on, until "P" in 1993. Afterward, the codes became two letters that are out of alphabetical sequence.