How to Increase Water Pressure in a House with Well Water

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Things You'll Need

  • 500 gallon (or greater) water tank

  • Elevated platform for tank

  • Piping from well to tank and from tank to home water line

  • 2 float switches

  • Pressure booster pump

There are a number of commercially available water pressure booster systems. These are second-stage pumps after the well pump which elevate the pressure but do not increase the total volume of water available.

An alternative system is to use your well pump's idle time to pump into an elevated tank. Gravity will determine the pressure coming from the tank (and a booster may be inserted to increase and regulate the pressure) as well as increase the total amount of water available.


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Well to Elevated Tank Water System

Step 1

Install elevated platform for water tank. Note, for each foot the tank is above the water usage point in your house, you gain 0.433 psi of pressure. So, a 20 foot elevation delivers 8.66 psi to the input of the pressure booster pump, increasing its efficiency.


Step 2

Mount water tank onto elevated platform.

Step 3

Install float switches. Insert one at the 10% point up from the bottom of the tank and the second at the 90% point.

Step 4

Wire the well pump start switch to the float switch inserted at the 10% level. Wire the well pump stop switch to the float switch inserted at the 90% level. This system will turn the well pump on when the tank is low and off when the tank is nearly full.


Step 5

Connect your water pipe from the well pump to the elevated tank, from the elevated tank to the booster pump and from the booster pump to the incoming water line into your house.


This tank and booster system is more involved than simply installing a pressure booster between the well pump and your house, but it will meet the dual requirement of increasing pressure and total volume of water available, which a booster pump alone cannot do for you. A larger water tank will give greater total volume available, and a higher elevation will increase the pressure at the input of the booster pump.



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