How to Remove Termites From a Trailer

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Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Garden hose

  • Sprayer/foamer

  • Commercial grade termite killer

  • Boric acid

  • Propylene glycol

  • Termite bait

Termites survive by eating wood. Trailers are generally not wood frame construction but trailer residents often have wooden furnishings that termites can destroy. In general termites are so destructive that it is recommended that a professional pest control company be called in immediately to eradicate the termites. However, since trailers are not constructed from wood, trailer residents have a bit of leeway to attempt termite control themselves before calling in professionals. Some trailer owners have succeeded in eliminating the termites through their own ingenuity and creativity.


Eradicating Termites from a Trailer

Step 1

Lay several cardboard boxes out flat.

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Spray each one with a hose till it's soggy.

Place these near any termite mounds that are near the trailer.

Remove the cardboard boxes every few days. They should be full of termites which are feeding on the damp cardboard.

Burn the boxes and replace them with new ones.


This procedure is claimed to greatly reduce the colonies but not completely eradicate the infestation.

Step 2

Mix boric acid with propylene glycol, a form of anti-freeze.

Apply this solution to any wood in or near the trailer where termites have been seen. The propylene glycol will help the boric acid to penetrate the wood. Boric acid particles cling to the termites' legs and eventually kill them.


Step 3

Buy a commercial grade termite killer.

Put it in a sprayer/foamer and spray the termites and their trail both inside and outside the trailer. Spray the termite mounds as well.

Step 4

Investigate termite baits. These may be purchased over the Internet.


Many homeowners and pest control companies believe that they are more effective than liquid pesticides in getting rid of termites. They advertise baits as being less destructive to the environment than pesticides and don't present the dangers of accidental poisoning to children and pets that live in the trailer that liquid pesticides do.


If there is any indication that the termites have not been eradicated from the trailer call a professional pest controller immediately. The financial damage that termites can cause can be much higher than the cost of using the services of a pest control professional.


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