How To Remove Gum With Goo Gone

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Things You'll Need

  • Goo Gone

  • Laundry detergent

  • All-purpose cleaner

  • White cloth

  • Rubber or latex gloves

Chewing gum is all fun and great taste, until it gets stuck on your clothing or furniture. While a variety of treatments (including freezing the affected area or applying peanut butter) have been used for removal of chewing gum and other sticky substances, Goo Gone has been a popular and effective product for cleaning up sticky messes. When used properly, Goo Gone is an easy and very effective way to remove gum from most surfaces.


Step 1

Test the Goo Gone on an inconspicuous area. While the Goo Gone instructions say that the spray is only unsuitable for silk, leather, suede and rubber, there is always a possibility that it might have adverse effects on other materials. To test, spray the Goo Gone on the inconspicuous area. Wait a few minutes and wipe clean with a white cloth. Clean the area with a mild laundry detergent and water. If there is no stain once the Goo Gone is dry, it is safe to use on the area where the gum is stuck.


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Step 2

Generously spray Goo Gone on the area where the gum is stuck. Be careful not to spray too far outside the area, as this will require extra clean up.

Step 3

Allow Goo Gone to sit for 10 minutes to several hours depending on the surface. If you are trying to remove gum from a hard surface, leaving the Goo Gone for as long as possible (even overnight) will make removal of the gum much easier. However, leaving Goo Gone on clothing or cloth furniture may result in staining if it sits for too long. With cloth it is best to leave the Goo Gone for 10 minutes and attempt to remove the gum. If the gum does not come off, spray a bit more Goo Gone and repeat the process until the gum comes off easily.


Step 4

Wipe the surface clean with a white cloth. The gum should come off with the friction from the cloth. If you are cleaning a cloth surface, blot the surface to lift as much of the Goo Gone as possible.

Step 5

Clean the surface with soap and water. Goo Gone is thick and has a greasy consistency; the cleaning process might need to be repeated several times before the surface is truly clean. If you are cleaning a hard surface, an all-purpose cleaner is more effective and less messy than soap and water.


If you are removing gum from clothing, remove the clothing before treating. Goo Gone, like most cleaners, contains harsh chemicals that can have adverse effects on the skin. To keep skin from drying out or having a negative reaction, it's best to wear gloves when working with this product.



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