How to Pot Fake Trees

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Things You'll Need

  • Pot or basket large enough for fake tree

  • Gravel

  • Florist or craft foam

  • Dried Spanish moss

Artificial trees provide a touch of the outdoors and a decorative element for houses and for indoor business locations. Faux trees can provide a splash of nature and greenery to an otherwise drab environment. Potting artificial trees is a simple process that can be undertaken in a short time. There are many ways to pot an artificial tree, and the type and size of your tree should determine the method used. Most medium-sized trees (under 6 feet) are potted with ease and minimal supplies.


Step 1

Place the artificial tree into the pot or basket selected, and prop the tree into a corner for support while you are working.

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Step 2

Insert craft or florist foam around the tree so that the tree trunk is pressed firmly between the foam and the side of the pot.


Step 3

Pour gravel over the foam and around the trunk of the artificial tree, taking care to ensure that the gravel is packed firmly around all of the foam and the tree trunk.

Step 4

Cover the top of the gravel with dried Spanish moss by tearing the dried moss into clumps and positioning it around the tree trunk and up to the lip of the pot or basket.


Experts at Kinkade Studios suggest: “using plaster of Paris, mix according to instructions from manufacturer, then pour into non-decorative container, and let 'set up' until you can insert your silk plant stem or tree trunk, and the semi-hardened plaster will hold the plant or tree upright until completely hardened.” This method is good for a very heavy or large artificial tree.


Keep gravel and dried Spanish moss out of the reach of children as both present a choking hazard.


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