How to Draw a Straight Line on PVC Pipe

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape Measure

  • Wooden Plank

  • Wood Screws

  • Black Permanent Marker

  • Electric Drill/Screwdriver

  • PVC Saw

If you're planning on using PVC pipe to complete a variety of tasks, whether replacing or installing plumbing or are going to use the pipe to a build a support structure, you may have encountered the frustration of trying to mark the pipes. Making a makeshift brace to hold the PVC pipe in place while you mark a straight line is a relatively task.


Step 1

Lay the wood plank out on a flat work surface, either a workbench or the floor. The size of the plank is congruent with the size of the pipe or pipes you'll be using; a 2 X 4 can used for smaller pipes, larger planks for larger pipes.

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Step 2

Lay the pipe flat on the wood piece and use the tape measure to measure the width of the pipe. Use the marker to mark the width of the pipe on the wooden plank on the either end of the plank. Remove and set the PVC pipe aside.

Step 3

Screw/drill one wood screw into each of the two width markings on the plank, screwing in only about a quarter of the way into the wood. You should now have two screws sticking up from the plank.

Step 4

Lay the PVC pipe back onto the wooden plank, in between the wood screws. Determine where you would like to cut the pipe and slide the pipe between the screws until the desired length is one the side of the screws closest to the end of the wood plank. Mark the length with the marker and cut the desired length with the saw.


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