How to Prune Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

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Things You'll Need

  • Hand shears

  • Bypass loppers

  • Protective gloves

  • Fertilizer for trees/shrubs

The Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar is a beautiful tree from the conifer family. It does not shed leaves, keeping a lustrous soft blue tint to its needles all year long. It adds a shot of boldness to many gardens or landscapes, only rising to around eight feet, making it easy to care for and grow. The Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar is most always free of pests, making it a great family favorite. With simple tools and knowledge of the tree itself, pruning and maintaining a beautiful Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar can be very simple.


Step 1

After the tree has grown to the desired height, yet while it is still young, use hand shears to trim back any new growth in one particular season. The following growth will then be encouraged to "weep."

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Step 2

Locate the growth by spotting bright green branches. Each branch will have several fork splittings that lead to other branches. With the hand shears, cut away right after the first fork, discarding any secondary branches.


Step 3

Once the Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar is at a height of five or more feet, use bypass loppers to trim away branches that are weak and could fall or block a pathway.

Step 4

In late October or early November, you can reduce the tree by 1/3 to clean up any straggly branches or misshapen appearances. Use the bypass loppers to trim away clustered, discolored or lengthy branches, to bring the Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar to a proper dimension and allow for a lush spring the following year.


The Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar does much better in containers, kept at an ornamental height of three to five feet. If you desire to transplant, be sure to keep soil moist, but not watered down, and fertilize regularly. Keep in direct sunlight for six to eight hours a day. Use fertilizer that is made for trees and/or shrubs. Do not remove tree from pot until it has reached twelve inches.


Keep the blades of the hand shears and bypass loppers very sharp, dull blades can cause accidents by being mishandled.

Always wear gloves to protect your hands from the sharp blades of the hand shears and bypass loppers.


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