How to Change a Battery in a Dremel Stylus

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The cordless Dremel Stylus, by Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, has an ergonomic pistol-style grip handle that helps users to maintain better control on precision work for a wide range of remodeling and other projects. Its battery, an integrated 7.2V Lithium-ion, charges within the Stylus housing and not as a separate battery pack. Although removing and changing an integrated battery may seem like a challenge, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation has made the process fairly easy.


Step 1

Discharge the battery in your Dremel Stylus by running the motor until the Stylus shuts down from lack of power.

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Step 2

Push the Dremel Stylus ON/OFF button to turn it OFF.

Step 3

Lock the shaft so that it doesn't turn while you're working. Press and slide "Shaft Lock Button" button forward and rotate the shaft in the front nose piece while holding the Shaft Lock Button until you feel the shaft lock.

Step 4

Turn the collet nut on the front of your Dremel Stylus by hand or with a small wrench until it unscrews from the shaft, then pull the collet from its housing. If you have a Dremel Stylus inegrated wrench, use it to unscrew the collet nut. Set aside the pieces in a secure location where they can't become easily misplaced.


Step 5

Remove the nose piece by unsnapping it from the front of the Stylus.

Step 6

Unscrew the three housing screws with a cross-head screwdriver, set them aside and, lifting up from the bottom of the handle, pull away the housing cover.


Step 7

Disconnect the battery from its leads and then connect the replacement battery to the leads. Reverse Steps 6 through 4 to put the parts of your Dremel Stylus back together.

Step 8

Place your Dremel Stylus in its charger to charge the replacement battery before use.


If you feel uncomfortable with changing an integrated battery or have concerns about voiding the warranty on your Dremel Stylus, contact and/or go to a professional Dremel repair technician or a Skil/Bosch/Dremel service center to have the battery changed.


Never charge install and/or charge a replacement battery if it has any cracks or damage, as the battery can short, potentially causing a fire or leakage of corrosive/caustic material.

Always place insulating tape around the terminals of your original battery or place in a plastic sealable bag for disposal as old terminals can leak corrosive material.

Never throw your original battery in the trash. Instead, contact a Skil/Bosch/Dremel service center or a local waste removal center authorized to take lithium-ion batteries or address disposal questions and concerns. To find a local approved waste removal center, call (800) 8-BATTERY.

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