How to Get Wrinkles Out of Leather

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Leather is a tough material made from animal skin that went through a tanning process to be used in different ways. It is most commonly used to make clothes, shoes, belts, couches, handbags, seats and other products. It started during the primitive time when people hunted wild animals for food. They removed the hides and skins from the dead animal bodies and made them into clothing, footwear and crude tents. Now most people buy things made of leather for high quality and durability reasons.


Things You'll Need

  • Wide wooden, plastic or padded hanger

  • Bathroom

  • Shower

  • Flat surface

  • Iron

  • Ironing board

  • Clean, heavy brown paper or 100 percent cotton cloth, such as towel

  • Breathable cloth, such as cotton sheets

  • Cool, dry and well-ventilated place with plenty of room


Step 1

Put the leather on a wide wooden, plastic or padded hanger, and gently pull the wrinkles with your hands to straighten them.


Step 2

Hang the wrinkled leather in the bathroom while you are taking a shower. It is another way of steaming out the wrinkles. Then take the garment out, and put it on a flat surface. Polish it using your hands to make it smooth.


Step 3

Use an iron to get wrinkles out of leather if needed. Put the leather on an ironing board or flat surface. Use a clean, heavy brown paper or 100 percent cotton cloth, such as a towel, in between the leather garment and the iron to protect the garment from overheating and shine. Avoid using anything that will bleed color in between the iron and the leather. Set the iron at a low to medium heat setting. Gently press the iron with a light, quick hand on the wrinkled portion. Do not use steam while ironing the wrinkled leather.


Step 4

Use a hair dryer if the wrinkles are not so bad. Set the blow dryer at its highest setting. Hold the dryer wrinkled 8 to 10 inches away from the leather. Move it back and forth to avoid burning the leather. Smooth it with your hands when it gets soft. Do this until the wrinkles disappear.


Step 5

Cover the leather with breathable cloth, such as cotton sheets, to protect it from dust. Do not store it in plastic bags or coverings or it will cause excessive dryness on the leather.

Step 6

Keep the leather garment in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place with plenty of room, or it will wrinkle if crowded.


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