How to Get to the Statue of Liberty on the Subway

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Subway station entrance
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The New York subway system is the fastest, cheapest, most convenient way to reach the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. Subway maps are available online and are posted in all subway stations. Using cash, a credit card or a debit card, you can purchase a Pay-per-Ride Metro Card from Metro Card vending machines that are also available at all subway stations. And if you are traveling from New Jersey, take the PATH train to the World Trade Center and connect there with the Number 1 train downtown.


Subway Lines

Step 1

From the East Side, take the Number 5 subway line
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If you are on the East Side of Manhattan, take the Number 5 subway line (in green on the New York subway map) to the Bowling Green station. You can catch the Number 5 trains at the following stations located on Lexington Avenue: 125th Street, 86th Street, 59th Street, Grand Central Station-42nd Street, Union Square-14th Street, Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall, Fulton Street and Wall Street.


Step 2

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From the West Side of Manhattan, take the Number 3 Broadway-Seventh Avenue Express (in red on the New York subway map) to the South Ferry station. You can catch this express train at 96th Street, 72nd Street, Times Square-42nd Street, Penn Station-34th Street, 14th Street and Chambers Street. At Chambers Street you must change to the local Number 1 train for South Ferry.


Step 3

Subway map
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From Queens, take the E (blue on the subway map) or the V (orange on the subway map) train to Lexington Avenue-53rd Street and change to the Number 6 local for downtown. You can change to the express Number 5 at Grand Central Station.


Step 4

From Brooklyn, take the Number 5
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From Brooklyn you can take the Number 5 to Bowling Green, or the R (yellow on the subway map) to Whitehall Street-South Ferry, or the A or C (blue on the map) to Broadway-Nassau-Fulton Street, where you can change to the Number 5 for Bowling Green.


Step 5

Subway train
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In New Jersey, the PATH Train runs from Newark Penn Station, Journal Square, Grove Street and Exchange Place in Jersey City and from the Hoboken train station to the World Trade Center. At Cortlandt Street-World Trade Center change to the Number 1 train for South Ferry.


Step 6

Ferry to the Statue of Liberty
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Once you've arrived in Battery Park, head for Castle Clinton, where you purchase tickets for the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.


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