How to Remove Underarm Stains From Clothes

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Things You'll Need

  • Baking soda

  • Cleaning rags

  • Lemon

  • Salt

  • Isopropyl alcohol

  • Oxygen bleach

Let deodorant dry before getting dressed.

It's embarrassing to have underarm stains on your clothes, and normal washing doesn't always remove these stains. Many times the stains have more to do with your deodorant than with you or your sweating. Removing these stains takes some effort, but you can clean perspiration stains from shirts with common items like baking soda, lemons and isopropyl alcohol.


Step 1

Prevent underarm stains by staying dry. First, make sure your underarms are dry before applying your deodorant. Then, after putting on your deodorant, wait at least five minutes before putting on your shirt to be sure your deodorant is dry.

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Step 2

For colored shirts, make a paste of baking soda and water to remove underarm stains. Dampen the stained underarm, then use a damp rag to rub the baking soda paste into the stain. Let the paste sit on the stain overnight. Wash the shirt as usual.

Step 3

For white shirts, cut a lemon in half, lightly wet the underarm of the shirt with plain water, sprinkle the underarm with salt and scrub the salt in with the lemon half. Let the shirt sit in the sun for two to three hours. Wash as usual.

Step 4

For tough underarm stains, dip the underarm of the shirt in isopropyl alcohol. Let it sit for five to 10 minutes, then soak the entire shirt in water and oxygen bleach for two to three hours.


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