How to Remove Paint From Radiators

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Things You'll Need

  • Wire brush

  • Scraper

  • Dust mask

  • Safety glasses

  • Plastic sheets or tarps

  • Sand paper

  • Mineral spirits or paint thinner


The primary function of radiators is to disperse steam heat that is generated by boilers. The dispersed steam heats up the room. Radiators are made of cast iron, which is prone to rust. The rust can cause the paint to flake, requiring repainting of the radiator. Before repainting, you must first remove the layers of paint from the radiator.


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Step 1

Wear safety glasses and a dust mask, to avoid the possibility of inhaling lead particles that can be present in older radiators.

Step 2

Cover the area around the radiator with plastic sheets to protect floors.

Step 3

Use the wire brush to scrape loose scaling paint from the radiator. Sand rough and rusted areas thoroughly.

Step 4

Vacuum the entire surface of the radiator.


Step 5

Cat on warm radiator

Wipe the surface of the radiator with a small amount of mineral spirits or paint thinner on a rag to finish cleaning the surfaces.


Radiators can be removed and professionally sand blasted.