How to Clean Gutters Without a Ladder

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Things You'll Need

  • Shop vacuum extension tubes

  • Blower attachments

  • Safety glasses

  • Long sleeve shirt

  • Cleaning tongs

  • Hose flusher

  • Gutter shield

Clean your gutters without getting on a ladder.
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The tried and true method of cleaning gutters over the years has been to climb up a ladder, pull out the debris, and then use a hose to flush out remaining dirt. While this can be messy to say the least, it can be dangerous as well. You must place the ladder on level and dry ground, and once you're on the ladder, you shouldn't reach higher than your shoulders or farther out sideways than the width of the ladder. However, there are better ways to clean your gutters, and they don't require a ladder.


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Step 1

Add some extension tubes and elbows onto your shop vacuum. Make sure that the filter paper is removed and only the foam filter is in place. Stand on the ground and suck any standing water and debris out of the gutter.

Step 2

Attach extension tubes onto your leaf blower; this principle works the same way as vacuuming out your gutter except that you will blow everything out. Wear safety glasses and a long sleeve shirt. Stand on the ground with your feet planted firmly and guide the leaf blower extension above the gutter so that it blows downward and into the gutter channel.


Step 3

Use gutter cleaning tongs to remove debris from your gutter. Mount the tongs on an extension handle. Position the tongs over leaves, branches or other debris in your gutters, pull the trigger in the handle to close the tongs on the debris, then lift the debris out of the gutter.

Step 4

Attach a hose flusher onto the end of your garden hose. This looks like a glorified hose nozzle that uses a couple of extension elbows that orientate the nozzle to point downward. Position the downward pointing nozzle above the gutter, and turn on the flow of water. There will be an on/off valve on the extension. Position the nozzle so that it shoots a high pressure stream of water directly into the gutter. This will blast dirt and debris from the gutter and flush it out.

Step 5

Install gutter shields which deflect leaves, branches and other debris, but still allow water to drain through the gutters.