How to Cut Tile with a Wet Saw

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Things You'll Need

  • Tile

  • Tape measure

  • Pencil or wax crayon

  • Layout tools

  • Tile wet saw

  • Goggles

  • Gloves

  • Push stick or wet saw push guide

Wet saws create smooth-edged cuts for exposed tile applications.

A wet saw's diamond blades and circulating water create straight, clean-edged cuts through ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and some types of stone. Easy to set up and operate, tile wet saws cut tile considerably faster than manual tile-cutting tools, and are invaluable for large tiling projects. If you only need a wet saw for a single project, you can rent wet saws by the hour or day at most home improvement stores.


Step 1

Mark the dimensions of the cut on the tile's surface with a tape measure and pencil or wax crayon. Use layout tools, such as a straightedge or square, to lay out a straight line between the cut marks. Extend the layout line across the tile, from edge to edge.

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Step 2

Fill the wet saw's water basin with fresh, clean water. Place the tile, layout lines facing upward, on top of the wet saw's table. Attach the saw's guide fence to the saw's table and butt the tile's edge against the side of the fence. Slide the fence and tile left or right across the table to align the tile's cut line with the saw's blade.


Step 3

Push the guide fence's locking tab in place to secure the guide in position. Remove the tile from the saw's table. Plug the saw into an electrical outlet and turn the saw's power switch to "On." Check the blade to ensure that water is running over the blade and table and add water if necessary. Turn off the saw.


Step 4

Place the tile on the saw's table and butt the tile against the guide fence. Put on goggles and gloves. Pull the tile away from the saw's blade and activate the saw. Push the tile through the spinning blade. Maintain a firm grip on the tile to ensure that the tile remains flush against the guide fence.


Step 5

Push the tile through the blade along the cut line. Keep your fingers clear of the blade. As the blade nears the edge of the tile, push the tile through the blade with a push stick or the wet saw's push guide.

Step 6

Push the tile beyond the blade. Turn the saw's power switch to the "Off" position. Allow the blade to slow to a stop before removing the tile from the saw's table.


High-quality, diamond-edged tile blades are worth the extra expense; the better the blade, the smoother the cut.

To use a wet saw for notched cuts, cut both sides of the segment with the wet saw and complete the corner of the cut with a coping saw or jig saw.


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