How to Make a Ballpoint Pen Explode

Have you ever had a ballpoint pen explode in your pocket or purse? This occurs when the pen has been exposed to too much heat, causing the ink to expand and eventually leak. However, if you wish to hasten the process---either as a fun project or out of sheer boredom---you can do so using a spare ballpoint and your common household dryer. This simple act will entertain and amuse you---and certainly give you something to do later!

Things You'll Need

  • Ballpoint pen

  • Dryer

Step 1

Select a ballpoint pen. A cheap, disposable pen is best. For a truly memorable explosion, use more than one.

Step 2

Proceed to your closest dryer. If you care about your laundry, make sure the dryer does not contain any clothing.

Step 3

Toss in your pen(s), shut the dryer door and place the dryer on the highest heat. Hang around awhile.

Step 4

Open the dryer door. If the pen has not yet exploded, shut the door and let the dryer run for a few more moments. Delight in the terribly inky disaster dwelling within your machine.

Step 5

If you plan to use the dryer again for its normal function, grab your cleaning supplies. After all, each action has its consequences!


Be reminded once more that this will be messy and difficult to clean.

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