How to Make Gel Wax

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Things You'll Need

  • White mineral oil with a flash point of 375 degrees (1 lb.)

  • CP9000 thermoplastic resin powder

  • Resin (0.9 oz.)

  • Large bowl

  • Wooden spoon

  • Container and lid

There are many craft projects that require a gel wax. Homemade gel wax can cut down the cost of making homemade candles. Anyone with proper instructions and the right ingredients can make gel wax.

Making Gel Wax

Step 1

Combine the 0.9 oz of Resin and the 1 lb. of mineral oil. The higher the density, the more Resin will be used. This mixture should be mixed thoroughly with a wooden spoon. Once mixed this should sit for at least an hour. After an hour, mix the mixture again. Check for lumps, and smooth out.


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Step 2

Heat this mixture in a pot on your stove. The maximum temperature this mixture should reach is 220 degrees. Stir this mixture for about 15 minutes. This liquid will turn clear.

Step 3

Continue stirring clear mixture. At the 30-minute mark, the liquid will start to become a gel mixture. After an hour on the stove, the mixture will become thick. The hot, thick mixture should have a temperature of 200 or 220 degrees at this point. At the 90-minute point, the mixture will have the appearance of a gel wax. After the two-hour point, the gel wax mixture is ready to cool.


Step 4

Take a large container and pour the gel wax mixture into this container to let it harden and cool. After the mixture is poured, seal this with a lid. A proper gel will have the consistency of Jell-O.



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