How to Make Beaded Fan Pulls

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Things You'll Need

  • Large beads (the larger the beads, the more obvious your fan pull)

  • Crystal beads (1/2 inch in diameter)

  • Charm, pendant or especially large bead (at least 2 inches in diameter)

  • Brass ball-chain enclosure

  • Jewelry wire

  • Craft glue

  • Wire cutters

A beautiful, beaded fan pull not only makes the air current regulation in the house accessible to veritically challenged family members but also adds charm and character to a room. You can make a beautiful, one-of-a-kind beaded fan pull using old items of jewelry, fun charms off key chains or just letting your creativity run wild with beads. All you need is a fan, and your imagination will do the rest.


Step 1

Cut off a length of jewelry wire for your fan pull. To determine how much wire you need, decide how long you want your fan pull to be. Usually, this will be about six inches to make the fan accessible. Don't create an obstacle that will hit taller members of the room in the head. Double the length you want, and add two inches to allow for extra slack while you are tying knots.

Step 2

Tie the large charm or bead in the middle of the length of wire. Use a double knot. This means that you will tie the two ends of the length of wire over the charm or bead as if you were tying your shoe. Instead of finishing off with two "bunny ears" and a bow, however, repeat the initial step to create a solid double knot.


Step 3

Thread the rest of the beads over both ends of the jewelry wire. You can create a pretty pattern, or just string the beads randomly. Punctuating the larger beads with the smaller crystal beads creates a light-catching, sparkling effect. Stop when there is about an inch of jewelry wire left at the end of the fan pull.

Step 4

Attach the fan pull to the ball-end of the ball-chain eclosure. Wrap the ends of the wire around the bottom ball of the ball-chain enclosure twice, then finish off with a double knot. Secure the knot with a drop of craft glue to make sure it doesn't slip, and let the glue set for 20 minutes. The enclosure end of the ball-chain enclosure will attach to the end of the existing fan pull and hold the beaded fan pull in place.


Step 5

Trim off the ends of the jewelry wire. Cut off any extra jewelry wire using the wire cutters. Now you are ready to customize any fan in your house.