How to Make Round Picture Frames

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Things You'll Need

  • Solid wood

  • Saw

  • Sandpaper

  • Wood varnish

  • Paint (optional)

  • Paper

  • Scissors

  • Cardboard

Some photographs just don't look their best in a square or rectangular picture frame. It can be difficult to find appropriately-sized round frames, but fortunately, you can make your own. One of the simplest ways to make a round picture frame is out of wood.

Step 1

Determine the size of your frame. You may wish to cut your photo into a circular shape first to help determine the size. Determine the width and thickness of your frame. Decide if you want a thin, thick, wide or narrow frame.


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Step 2

Make a paper pattern for your frame. Trace a circle that is about 1 cm smaller in diameter than your photo. Trace a larger circle around the first one that is the width of your frame. Cut out the center circle so that you now have a paper frame.

Step 3

Trace around the paper frame onto the wood, both the outside edge and inside circle. Trace on the back side of the wood so that you won't get pencil on the front of the frame. Use oak, cherry, maple or the wood of your choice.


Step 4

Use a saw to cut out your frame, including the center.

Step 5

Sand the edges to make them smooth. Consider using a sander to round out the front of your frame.

Step 6

Saw out a section in the back of the frame that is the same size as your photo. Use a saw and cut about halfway down, creating the space where your photo will rest in the frame.


Step 7

Cut a piece of cardboard the same size as the photo. Put the cardboard behind the photo to hold it in place.

Step 8

Paint the frame, if desired. Finish the frame with a coat of wood varnish.


If you are skilled with wood, you may wish to etch designs into your frame for a more elegant look.


Always be careful when working with wood and saws. Make sure you know how to operate the equipment before using it.


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