How to Repair a Chain Saw Chain

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Chainsaws are a great tool for all sorts of tasks. Whether you are looking to cut up some brush from around the yard, or need to cut down an entire tree, your chainsaw is the right tool to help you. However, sometimes you can push your chainsaw just a tad bit too far. When this happens, you will need to repair your chainsaw chain. Luckily, many chainsaws come with chains that provide for an easy repair!


Things You'll Need

  • Safety Equipment

  • Chainsaw Chain Mender

  • Screwdriver Or Rivet Punch

  • Chain Sharpener

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Chainsaw Repair

Step 1

Determine if the chainsaw chain should be repaired or replaced. Some chainsaw models recommend replacement of the chain if there are any problems instead of repairing it.

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Step 2

Whether you want to replace or repair the chain, you should first start by removing the old chain. You will have to loosen up some screws or rivets on the chainsaw chain. Some chains have a master chain that must be taken out to remove the chain from the bar, and with other chains you just can pick one chain and remove it. Take special care not to hurt your body with the sharp chain.


Step 3

If you have decided to repair the chain, at this point you can do so. You can sharpen the chain with a chain sharpener, remove additional chains using the rivet punch or screwdriver if the chain has stretched, adjust the links in the chain, or replace damaged links in the chainsaw chain.

Step 4

At this point, the replacement or repaired chain can be placed back on the saw. Be sure to align the saw links with the saw bar, ensure that the chain is installed in the correct direction, that the chain is being lubricated, and that it has the correct tension.


Step 5

Now that the chain is repaired or replaced and correctly installed on the saw bar, you can put on your protective equipment, start up the chainsaw and begin cutting again.


Try using a hard grip when working on your chainsaw. You need to be careful your grip is not too hard, however, with a strong grip you may be able to bend back a bent chain or help undo other severe chainsaw damage.


When working with your chainsaw chain, you are going to want to be extremely careful. Not only can chainsaw chains create extreme damage when working properly, they can be very difficult to work with when damaged. Also, take caution whenever you are working on a chain in a hot environment, as the metal may burn skin to chain contact.


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