How to Get Rid of Ants With Chalk

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Invading ants

During the summer when is warm out ants start appearing everywhere. Everything attracts them they come in your home in big numbers over night. They come in from cracks in the cement underneath doors and other places you cannot even see. You can use pesticides but they get all over and dry up and go away easy. Most bug sprays you cannot use in your house and the ones you can smell for hours. If you have little children you have to make, sure they do not get in it because it can make them very sick. Not to mention the price for many bug sprays are very high and you have to keep spraying every other day. There is a cheap easy way that does not smell and will not make your children sick. All you need is simple white drawing chalk.


Step 1

Bug spray

Go to a bargain store like pic n save or the dollar tree and buy some white chalkboard chalk. It does not need to be anything fancy just get the cheapest kind. You can usually find three boxes for a dollar which is more than you will need.

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Step 2


Take the chalk and draw a line wherever ants are going into your house. The ants will not walk through the chalk. The ants will stop right at the chalk line.


Step 3

Keep looking for areas where they are and draw circles around them. In a few hours, you will not be able to see any ants. Reapply the chalk after it gets wet or fades over time.

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