How To Make a Mold of Your Head

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Things You'll Need

  • Plaster strips

  • Scissors

  • Vaseline

  • Swim cap

  • Bowl of water

Make a mold of your head with a few simple supplies.
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To make a mold of your entire head you will need to make two molds, one of the front and one of the back of your head. The two finished molds together will make an exact replica of your head. Because it is very difficult to do this to yourself, it is highly recommended that you have someone else work on this with you.


Step 1

Cut plaster fabric into strips no more than one inch wide and six inches long. The smaller pieces will give you more control as you handle the plaster strips.

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Step 2

Protect your hair by putting on a swim cap. Push all of your hair under the cap. If you have long hair, you need to make sure that you keep hair away from the plaster casting.

Step 3

Smear your face with Vaseline. Smear up onto the swim cap. Make sure you liberally apply Vaseline to the entire front of your head and everywhere that you will be making a plaster cast.

Step 4

Soak plaster strips one at a time. Wet the strip, remove from water, and smooth onto face and head. Continue until you have a complete covering at least two strips thick. Obviously, you will need to leave an air hole around your nostrils, but you should cover your mouth. You must also leave eye holes. You will fill in these open holes later.


Step 5

Wait for everything to be completely dry. This could take an hour or two. When the cast is completely dry, gently pry it off of your face and head. The Vaseline should make this easy to do.

Step 6

Repeat the process, but for the back of the head. Don the swim cap, make sure your hair is out of the way, and smear the back half of your head with Vaseline. Apply the strips the same way as in Section 1. Sit still and wait to dry, then pry it off.


Step 7

Take the front half plaster cast of your head and lay it face down on the table. Soak another plaster strip and cover the air holes that were over your nostrils. Work on the side that was against your face. Soak more strips to carefully cover and fill in the eyes. Wait to dry.

Step 8

Place the edges of the front and back casts together. Soak a few more plaster strips. Place them lengthwise along the line between the front and back pieces. Ideally, you should not go more than one extra strip deep. When dry, these strips will keep the front and back pieces together. You now have a mold of your head.


Hand paint features like skin, lips and hair when the mold is done. Get creative and paint stubble or add features like scars and tattoos that aren't there in real life.

Make several masks, then turn them into a scary-looking zombies or ghouls that you can decorate your house with at Halloween.


Do not get your hair caught in the plaster casting, as you may need to cut it to get it loose.

Hold still while the cast is drying, or you will distort it.


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