How to Make Jewelry From Hardware Supplies

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Things You'll Need

  • Medium to large washer from the hardware store

  • Craft, scrap book, or origami paper

  • Scissors

  • Utility knife

  • Hot glue gun or glue stick

  • 1 to 1 ½ yards of leather cording

  • Large beads of your choice and color

  • Leather clasps

  • 1 pair of flat nose pliers

  • Diamond glaze

Making jewelry can be a fun and creative thing to do for the whole family. Using hardware supplies to do it makes it an inexpensive craft as well. You can use anything from wire to washers to nuts and bolts. With an open mind and creativity, it is possible to make some jewelry that you can wear, sell or use as gifts. Here is one example of how to make a necklace using washers from your local hardware store. You can use any pattern or colors you like, so there is something for everyone. Don't stop with just this one idea of a necklace. You can create earrings, bracelets and many more styles of necklaces: you add the individual touch with each one you do. Also, you can use different sized washers and beads. Try different patterns. Be creative!


Step 1

Lay the washer on the craft paper of your choice. You are going to trace around the washer to make the circle. Use your utility knife to cut the circle around the washer. Cut the center of the washer out as well.

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Step 2

Place the rough of the washer right side up and use your glue gun or glue stick to glue the paper to the washer.

Step 3

Gather the diamond glaze. Do not shake the glaze because it causes air bubbles. Apply the glaze evenly over the paper. Let this dry for 24 hours.

Step 4

Make the Necklace: Dry your washers for about 24 hours and be ready to go. In this step you are going to cut the leather to the desired length. A good size for a necklace is your neck plus two inches.


Step 5

Fold your leather string in half. Start feeding the leather through the center of the washer. Then loop the loose ends through the folded end.

Step 6

Feed both ends of the leather through a bead. Then slide the bead down the leather to meet the washer.


Step 7

Use your scissors to trim the ends of the leather to fit your neck.

Step 8

Affix your leather clasps to the ends with the pliers — now you can start wearing, selling or giving your jewelry as gifts.


Do not shake your diamond glaze because this causes air bubbles. You can keep your colors on your paper from bleeding by scanning them with a laser scanner and then reprinting them.


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