How to Remove Perfume Smell From Clothing

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Remove Perfume Smell From Clothing

Perfume uses a blend of essential oils and fragrance to create an aroma. Perfume is worn by people and is a common ingredient in room fresheners, detergents and other everyday objects. When perfume gets on clothing, its oils and aroma cling stubbornly to the fabric. The perfume may be annoying and cause problems for allergic people. Try these suggestions to remove perfume smell from clothing.


Things You'll Need

  • Clothes dryer

  • Clothes hanger

  • Fabric freshener

  • Clothes detergent

Step 1

Start with simple solutions. Perfume fragrance breaks down when exposed to heat, light and oxygen. Tumble the clothing at low heat in a dryer. If desired, the clothing can be tumbled with a fragrance-free dryer sheet and towels to help absorb the fragrance. Hang it in an open area for several hours or days.

Step 2

Treat more stubborn perfumes with spray-on fabric freshener such as Febreze. Use fragrance-free freshener if you have perfume sensitivity. Hang the clothing and spray lightly on both sides with the freshener. If necessary, turn the clothing inside out and spray the reverse side. Tumble dry for a few minutes.


Step 3

Launder washable clothing with fragrance-free clothes detergent. If desired, add a half-cup to one cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. Wash again in plain water to remove any traces of vinegar odor. Use a delicate cycle for fragile clothing.


Step 4

Try scent elimination products like those used by hunters. These products are used to wash clothing and remove odors. The products, like Scent Killer from Wildlife Research Center, are found at sporting good and outdoor suppliers. Stores like Wal-Mart carry the products seasonally. The scent eliminators come as sprays, clothing washes and dryer sheets.

Step 5

Wash with organic or zeolite detergents, borax or OxiClean Free. These products help break down the essential oils of perfumes. Organic materials and chlorine-free oxygen cleaners help degrade the fragrance. Rinse thoroughly to remove traces of detergent or cleaning boosters.


Multiple chemical sensitivity sufferers are sensitive to chemicals. Their clothing should be cleaned only with chemical-free detergents.


Do not use flammable solvents to remove perfume from clothing. The solvents may harm the clothing and are hazardous.