How to Clean Kitchen Sink Pipes

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Things You'll Need

  • Bottle brush

  • Wire hanger

  • Toilet plunger

  • Small bowl or bucket

  • Rubber gloves

Cleaning Kitchen Sink Pipes

A home's drain system is usually the last to receive any attention until it either drains slowly or there is a clog. The kitchen sink it easily the most used area of the drain system, and therefore requires more TLC than other draining areas in the home--especially when there is a garbage disposal involved. Regularly cleaning your kitchen pipes may save you time by preventing other problems.


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Step 1

Rinse out the sink (both sides if it is a double sink) and allow each side to drain completely.

Step 2

Disconnect the drain pipes from the sink, the p-trap and the pipe going into the wall. The pipes should be easy to disconnect by hand. Allow the pipes to drain into a bowl or a small bucket.

Step 3

In another bucket of water or sink, rinse and scrub the drain pipes out with a bottle brush. Use a mild soap to clean if desired. Wear a pair of gloves when doing this.

Step 4

Reconnect the pipes under the sink after they are scrubbed. The pipes do not need to dry before they are reconnected.


Remove any clogs before disconnecting the drain pipes. If the clog is in one of the pipes, it will be easier to remove when the pipes are disconnected.